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About VideoDubber

Who is VideoDubber?

VideoDubber is the technology leader that develops a technology platform to dub movies automatically.

VideoDubber helps broadcasters and content publishers, to add automated voice over & dubbing audio tracks to their video content, using TruDubâ„¢, its unique (& patent pending) technology platform.

Our vision is to create a world in which video content will no longer have language barriers — everyone would be able to watch any video, in any language, without limitations or delays.

In order to reach this day, we set our first mission to help bridge the video spoken language gap, in an efficient and automated way.

We believe that when Gütenberg invented his print press, he didn’t just enable a cheap & a quick method for printing pages – he expanded the human knowledge, by making the storage vehicle of human thoughts, accessible to everyone. By minimizing the costly barriers of media localization, we believe we’ll make video, any video, accessible to the rest of us, even those who do not speak the language it was created in.

The Language Gap

Over 80% of the world’s broadcast content was originally produced in English. Less than 10% of the world population speaks English.

This means that there is a huge language gap, currently filled by local dubbing studios that use the same manual process that was created a century ago.

Add to that the accelerated growth in online videos, especially in the use of video as a medium in the e-Learning and the e-Commerce markets, and we’re already exceeding the capacity of the current dubbing market before automation.

The classic (and almost 100 years old) manual dubbing process is made out of 3 basic steps:
1. Transcription
2. Translation
3. Narration

By creating a platform that provides a solution for step #3, we enabled 1 person to take control of a project that only a team (with a professional recording studio) could do. Now, one translator can transcribe, translate, and direct our digitized voices by himself, to create a virtual dubbing studio.

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